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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de https://www.matierevolution.org/

  • Trotsky and the german revolution of october 1923

    7 January 2014, by Robert Paris
    Read also You can read Stalinism and german revolution Revolution And War Revolution and war have often gone together. We know of cases in history when war has produced revolution, and vice versa. The explanation is that both war and revolution mean a very great upheaval in society, when an old, familiar equilibrium is upset, and an external upheaval produces an internal one, or the other way round. There are common features in the nature of war and of revolution. These common (...)

  • 2014 – Let’s Make It Our Year!

    7 January 2014, by Robert Paris
    2014 – Let’s Make It Our Year! Looking back on 2013, it was a year of records. The capitalist class – the owners of the banks and corporations – brought in record amounts of wealth. Their profits have hit an all-time record in this country, making up over 70 percent of the GDP (the gross domestic product – all wealth produced in one year). Companies are making the most amount of money since anytime after 1947 – the year that records started to be kept. Banks alone made record amounts of money (...)

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