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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de https://www.matierevolution.org/

  • The Comintern and the GPU - The Attempted Assassination of May 24 (1940) and the Communist Party of Mexico

    20 September 2020, by Robert Paris
    Siqueiros, the Stalinist Assassin Leon Trotsky The Comintern and the GPU The Attempted Assassination of May 24 (1940) and the Communist Party of Mexico (August 1940) Original 1940 introduction by Fourth International EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was finished by Leon Trotsky a few days before his assassination. He intended it for the Mexican court in relation to the machine gun assault by Stalin’s GPU upon his bedroom on May 24, but so wrote it that it could be used for general (...)

  • Rosa Luxemburg against reformism

    30 August 2020, by Robert Paris
    Rosa Luxemburg Opportunism and the art of the possible (September 1898) Comrade Heine, as is well known, has written a pamphlet for the party conference entitled To Vote or Not to Vote? In it he comes out in favour of our participating in Prussian Landtag elections. It is not the main subject of his pamphlet that leads us to make a few necessary remarks, but rather the two terms which he mentions in his line of argument, and to which we react with particular sensitivity in consequence of (...)

  • The old world collapses ! The new world, in germs, has a great future !

    19 août 2020, par Ephraïm, Robert Paris
    The old world collapses ! The new world, in germs, has a great future ! According to the governments, the second wave of covid-19 is coming and they are preparing to fight against it… but they are lying. Indeed, there was never a first wave that would have be broken under the action of the public authorities. The first wave hasn’t stopped at all. It i’s the same pandemic and the same wave of covid is continuing. In summer, in the midst of general deconfinement, we reached the peaks of the (...)

  • Antonio Gramsci (1919) Unions and councils

    29 May 2020, by Robert Paris
    Antonio Gramsci (1919) Unions and councils Source: L’Ordine Nuovo, 11 October 1919; The proletarian organization which assembles, as the total expression of the worker and peasant mass, in the central offices of the Confederazione del Lavoro, is passing through a constitutional crisis similar in nature to the crisis in which the democratic parliamentary state vainly debates. The solution of one will be the solution of the other, since, resolving the problem of the will of power in the (...)

  • Time’s End for Capitalism

    1 May 2020, by Robert Paris
    Time’s End for Capitalism Can capitalism last without crises? Why capitalism is self-destructing and why there is no point in trying to reform it The ten main reasons for the agony of capitalism Behind the health crisis is the historic and inexorable collapse of capitalism Covid-19 and after?… Is covid-19 the Cause of the Global Economic Collapse ? The USA marks the end of the capitalist system Ten questions to those who do not believe that capitalism has definitely fallen in (...)

  • Covid-19 and after...

    5 April 2020, by Robert Paris
    Covid-19 and after?… The G20 will throw five trillion dollars into the capitalist abyss and this will not even be enough to reduce the widening of the abyss as the latter grows at a faster rate than the number of deaths from the pandemic! No politician, no economist, no predictor dares to say that there is a chance of survival and economic recovery. They are content to assert that all means must be used, without limit, to "help the economy" and, if these colossal sums reach the hands of the (...)

  • W.E.B. Du Bois and His Work

    10 March 2020, by Robert Paris
    W.E.B. Du Bois and His Work By William Gorman As he approaches eighty-two, no higher tribute can be paid William Edward Burghardt Du Bois than that it is impossible to seriously consider the Negro in America without being confronted by his name at every turn. Journalist, research scholar, sociologist, historian, novelist, pamphleteer, educator – his evolution intertwines so completely with that of the Negro people since the Civil War that his individual portrait is the collective portrait (...)

  • Lenin and Trotsky join forces to fight bureaucracy

    26 février 2020, par Robert Paris
    1922-1923 : when Lenin and Trotsky were united against Stalin Lenin and Trotsky join forces to fight bureaucracy ‘Stop the retreat’ LENIN, in his report to the Tenth Congress of the party, made it clear that the New Economic Policy would strengthen capitalism in the countryside : ‘... the switch from the appropriation of surpluses to the tax will mean more kulaks [rich peasants] under the new system. They will appear where they could not appear before.’ [1] In his summing-up of the debate on (...)

  • On Historical Materialism

    21 January 2020, by Robert Paris
    Franz Mehring On Historical Materialism (Part I) The bourgeois world today regards historical materialism as it did Darwinism a lifetime ago, and socialism half a lifetime ago. It reviles it without understanding it. Eventually, and with great difficulty, the bourgeoisie began to grasp that Darwinism was really something other than an “ape theory”, and that socialism was not a matter of “having a share-out” or “laying a thieving hand on all the fruits of a thousand years of culture”. But (...)

  • The First Five Years of the Communist International

    18 January 2020, by Robert Paris
    The First Five Years of the Communist International Leon Trotsky - The First Five Years of the Communist International - Volume I (1924) Leon Trotsky - The First Five Years of the Communist International - Volume II (1924) Read also The Communist International The “Third Period” of the Comintern’s Mistakes Main texts of the Communist International of Lenin and Trotsky Manifesto of the Third International (Communist) written by Leon (...)

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