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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de http://www.matierevolution.org/

  • China : Mao and The Workers

    20 July 2017, by Robert Paris
    Mao and the Workers By Tony Cliff I shall deal with two basic questions: first, what role the working class of Shanghai, Peking and other cities played in Mao’s rise to power; secondly, what role the industrial workers played recently during the cultural revolution. The answer to the first question is unambiguous. The industrial working class played no role whatsoever in the victory of Mao. Even the social composition of the Chinese Communist Party was completely non-working class. Mao’s (...)

  • History of the Paris Commune (1871)

    26 June 2017, by Robert Paris
    History of the Paris Commune (1871) The Central Committee of the Twenty Arrondissements of Paris to all the Defenders of the Revolution Documents of the Paris Commune Archives of the Paris Commune By Karl Marx By Marx By Lissagaray By Louise Michel By Lenin By Talès By Lenin By Guesde By Lenin By Trotsky By M and R By Oxley By Saba By Trotsky By Lenin By The Spark By The New Yorker By Jacobsen By (...)

  • Writings of David North - Ecrits de David North

    29 May 2017, by Robert Paris
  • Class Struggle In Rwanda

    20 mai 2017, par Robert Paris
    Class Struggle In Rwanda A History of Rwanda and Burundi History of Rwanda 1959-1961 : The False « Revolution » 1959 : The Role of Church (in french) Habyarymana 1959 (in french) 1959 : The Manipulation of Racial “Revolution” From 1990 to 1994 : From Class Struggle to Genocide… Wrestling in Africa 1988-1991 1990 : Human Rights Report for Rwanda Political and Social Unrest in 1989-1990 in Rwanda and in Africa Revolts in Africa in 1988-1991 : from Côte d’Ivoire to Algeria, from Benin to (...)

  • Social Insecurity Increasing in USA !!

    11 May 2017, by Robert Paris
    Republican health care bill targets millions with preexisting conditions By Kate Randall In a White House Rose Garden victory rally Thursday following the House of Representatives’ passage of the Republicans’ American Health Care Act (AHCA), President Donald Trump called the measure “a great plan” and declared, “Yes, premiums will be coming down; yes, deductibles will be coming down.” Such shameless lies are being used to promote a thoroughly regressive bill that builds on the pro-corporate (...)

  • 1917-1923, A World Revolution

    5 May 2017, by Robert Paris
    World Revolution – 1917/1923 A chronology of the european revolution (1917-1923) Lenin – « The State and Revolution » Leon Trotsky – History of The Russian Revolution Herman Gorter – The World Revolution C. L. R. James – “World Revolution 1917-1936” Réponse de Léon Trotsky à James C. L. R. James – “State Capitalism and Worls Revolution” Leon Trotsky – “The Betrayed Revolution” Leon Trotsky – « The Permanent Revolution » Leon Trotsky – “Our Revolution” Leon Trotsky – “Thoughts on the Progress of (...)

  • 100 Years since the Russian Revolution

    20 January 2017, by Robert Paris
    Read here And also here

  • Discontinuity of Matter, Energy, Light and Vacuum

    12 November 2016, by Robert Paris
    Discontinuity of Matter, Energy, Light and Vacuum What is Continuity and Discontinuity? Again on continuity and discontinuity Black-Body Theory and the Quantum Discontinuity Discontinuity and movement Discontinuity of light Discontinuity and quantum physics Continuity and discontinuity are inconsistant How the discontinuity, general and fundamental, produces the appearance of continuity What is Discrete in Science Nature Makes Discontinuities Einstein and Discontinuity (...)

  • USA : It Is Not Our Election But Their Election

    8 November 2016, by Robert Paris
    Their Elections And The Choices We Face The nasty, nightmarish, reality show of the presidential elections finally ends on November 8th. This election presented the stark reality of the choices this system has to offer us. Around 60 percent of potential Democratic and Republican voters had unfavorable reactions to both candidates – small wonder! Two years of endless media coverage and billions of dollars wasted on campaigns of personal insults left us with the so-called “choice” of selecting (...)

  • American Election and War…

    7 September 2016, by Robert Paris
    American Election and War… Clinton denounces Russian “interference” in US elections, calls for escalation in Syria Clinton’s “American exceptionalism” speech: A bipartisan policy of militarism and war The most unpopular candidates in American history Trump and Democrats compete on militarism and war Democrats, media seize on Trump pro-gun comment to step up right-wing campaign Democratic Party’s anti-Putin rhetoric prepares escalation of Syrian (...)

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