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Dialectical Materialism

mardi 18 avril 2017, par Robert Paris

"It is an eternal cycle in which matter moves, a cycle that certainly only completes its orbit in periods of time for which our terrestrial year is no adequate measure, a cycle in which the time of highest development, the time of organic life and still more that of the life of being conscious of nature and of themselves, is just as narrowly restricted as the space in which life and self-consciousness come into operation. A cycle in which every finite mode of existence of matter, whether it be sun or nebular vapour, single animal or genus of animals, chemical combination or dissociation, is equally transient, and wherein nothing is eternal but eternally changing, eternally moving matter and the laws according to which it moves and changes.”

Fredrick Engels, Dialectics of Nature

Dialectical Materialism

Is It Necessary to Speak of Dialectics of Matter

The physics of matter and the dialectical philosophy


Dialectics of Nature

Dialectical Contradictions

What is Materialism ?

Origins of Materialism

Marx and Engels on Historical Materialism

Materialism Dialectical Materialism

Elements of Dialectical Materialism

The ABC of Materialist Dialectics

Dialectics and Matter

Is Nature Dialectical ?

A Very Brief History of Materialism

Dialectical Materialism and the Fate of Humanity

Essays on the History of Materialism

Fundamental Problems of Marxism

Philosophy and Physics

Dialectical Idealism

What is dialectics ?

The Recent Revolution in Natural Science and Philosophical Idealism


Social and Natural Dialectics

Physics, Materialism and Dialectics

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