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Workers organize your class to kick out capitalists and their bloody world !

dimanche 13 mars 2022, par Robert Paris

“NO” to the Russian, U.S., and NATO Warmongers !

For the workers class, no chose between two imperialist camps at war !

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifies and it becomes clearer that Putin and the Russian elite have little regard for the lives of the Ukrainian people, phrases like “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” have begun to be used by some U.S. officials to describe Russian actions there. While it’s obvious that Russia’s inhumane invasion and bombardment of civilians are crimes against humanity, let’s not forget the utter hypocrisy of any U.S. official accusing foreign powers of war crimes.

For starters, the specific weapons the U.S. is criticizing Russia of using in this invasion are cluster bombs, which explode in the air and release many smaller shards or bombs, causing damage and death over a much wider area. The U.S. government itself has refused to sign a treaty to ban their use, and in fact has dropped cluster bombs in many countries from Vietnam to Iraq.

During the U.S. war on Vietnam, U.S. forces carried out a torture and death program called Operation Phoenix that killed at least 40,000 people and tortured many more. People were thrown from airplanes, had bamboo sticks hammered into their ears, were allowed to starve to death in cages, and shocked with electrical wires. In 1968, the infamous Mỹ Lai Massacre occurred, in which a platoon of U.S. troops killed hundreds of villagers, mostly women and children. U.S. planes, in a program mockingly called Operation Ranch Hand, used Agent Orange, made from dioxin, to destroyed millions of acres of forest, destroying plant, animal and human life for decades to come. The U.S. dropped napalm on entire villages, setting them aflame in petroleum fires and sticking to the skin of peasant villagers as it burned.

Soldiers throughout Latin America were trained in counterinsurgency warfare at Fort Benning, Georgia. Some of them went on to become brutal dictators, and others, like those of the Atlactl Battalion of El Salvador, went on to commit heinous crimes like the infamous 1981 El Mozote Massacre, where at least 800 peasants were executed in an orgy of violence.

During the U.S. occupation of Iraq from 2003 to 2011, U.S. forces regularly used cluster bombs, flechettes (hundreds of tiny dart-like projectiles from a single shot or container) and white phosporous (which explodes and burns on contact with air). They bombed schools, hospitals, bridges, water treatment facilities, and at least one wedding.

And of course, in 1945, the U.S. became the first and only nation to actually use nuclear weapons on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Government personnel were sent in afterwards to collect data on the horrific effects the radiation had on those who initially survived the attack, effectively treating the whole act as a military experiment.

The U.S. accusing Russia, or any other nation of war crimes or crimes against humanity, is the utmost hypocrisy.

The Ukrainian people have been facing a major invasion by the Russian military with bombing and armored ground forces. The horrific situation has already killed thousands of people, and more than one million have fled. As cities are being bombarded, people have taken refuge in subway stations. Many Ukrainians are taking up arms and standing alongside the Ukrainian military to fight against the Russian assault.

Putin, president of Russia, is a ruthless dictator. His claim that Ukraine was never a country is a distortion of history. His goal seems to be to revive the Russian empire of the czars. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, a number of the former republics declared their independence as nations, including Ukraine. Since then, it has been ruled by regimes backed either by Russia or by the U.S. and NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which was established in 1949, to keep Russia in check.

The Maidan revolution in 2014 toppled the Russian-backed government. Russia then invaded Ukraine, seizing Crimea which gives Russia more protected access to the Black Sea. Russia also supported the separatist movement in the eastern part of the Ukraine (the Donbass), which Putin just declared as independent republics.

Putin says his invasion is meant to put an end to what he claims is the control of Ukrainian Nazi-like rulers. The U.S. media claims that the U.S. and its NATO allies are the defenders of the Ukrainian people. Both are lying. Both have equal disregard for the lives and well-being of the Ukrainian people. The people of the Ukraine are pawns in the struggle between these major powers over who will dominate the region.

Before the invasion, the U.S. and NATO discussed bringing Ukraine into NATO, as it has done with other countries that border on Russia. This would mean installing advanced weaponry on Russia’s border. We know what the response of the U.S. was when the Soviet Union moved to install missile bases in Cuba in 1962. Cuba is 90 miles off the coast of the U.S. What would be the U.S. response today if Russian weaponry were installed on the border with Mexico or Canada ?

What NATO and the U.S. have done certainly doesn’t give Russia the right to carry out an invasion with the aim of installing its own regime. This invasion must be opposed. But not by supporting the interests of the U.S. and its allies.

The U.S. military has at least 750 military bases in more than 80 countries. This doesn’t include its vast mobile bases — the Navy. In recent years, we have seen the results of U.S. claims that its military was sent to free the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, just to name a few.

The Russian people have begun to show their opposition to this war. By the second day of the invasion at least 1,745 people were arrested in 54 cities, nearly 1,000 of them just in Moscow, for demonstrating against the war. The same day more than a half million Russians signed a petition opposing the war. The demonstrations have continued with more than 8000 arrested so far. Two hundred reporters signed and published a letter condemning the war. We should follow the lead of the Russian anti-war movement. People in the U.S. and Europe should not choose between the big powers competing to control Ukraine.

We have more in common with the working people of Russia and Ukraine than we do with the U.S. government and the interests it represents. We need to oppose this war, talk with those we know and also stand up and demonstrate against this war.

Two imperialist camps at war !

The Western camp wants to make people believe that this is not an inter-imperialist war and that only Russia wants war. It is very complicated for Western rulers, as we have just seen with the president of the French bourgeoisie and blue-white-red imperialism, to say they are at war alongside the Ukrainian people and, at the same time, to affirm that they are not at war and that only Russia is. It is essential to make this wide spread of declarations to, on the one hand, explain that we are occupying Eastern Europe militarily to militarily help the invaded Ukrainians, and, on the other, that we are not has not declared war on Russia, that we absolutely do not want it, that we have no interest in it, that the entire Western camp would be purely pacifist in this affair which would oppose only Russia and Ukraine. This is to take people for naïve people : it is obvious that NATO, the USA and Europe are on one side in this war and Russia on the other.

Of course, everyone in the Western camp believes they know that it is Russia that has everything to gain from this war in order to reconstitute its empire which has broken up since the fall of the USSR and also to make Putin more popular in the nationalist camp. Russians. Of course, everyone believes that it is Putin who has every interest in cultivating Russian national feelings and who has long surfed on this aspiration of part of the Russian population to return to the past greatness of the empire whose Ukraine was an essential part. He demonstrated it well, they think, in the Crimea.

Biden, butcher of the Iraq war, wants war against Russia and China !

To the general public, Putin looks much more dictatorial and militaristic than Biden, but that’s in appearance. Biden has waged America’s war for far more years and far more bloodily than Putin. Because Biden is the great organizer of the American war in Iraq. It was at this time that the American army locked up its enemies (or supposed enemies) in huge containers which were then machine-gunned. And this is just one example of the massive American violence ordered by a certain Biden…

Biden based most of his political program on the war against Russia and China and it was on this basis that he was elected. It must be said that his adversary, Trump, had relied on peace with the enemy bloc and thus claimed to be able to bring America back against the opposing bloc on the economic level. But he hadn’t succeeded. This means that international commentators, well before any Russian inclination in Ukraine, affirmed that the election of Biden as President of the USA meant in the short term war with Russia and China ! They did not then attribute the exclusive responsibility for the war to Russia and Putin alone, but to an irrepressible need for the United States to fight their main economic adversary on the military ground !

Counter the rise of Russian and Chinese imperialism !

On the contrary, the Russia-China bloc constantly repeated that it only wanted peace, which would allow them to constantly gain market share and conquer increasingly dominant positions. So much so that the number of countries joining their international alliance grew more than the number of countries (mainly in Eastern Europe) joining NATO, the anti-Russian alliance. Peace is therefore necessarily more interesting for the Russia-China camp and not out of pacifism !

Moreover, Russian imperialism, after its bitter failure in Afghanistan, has learned much more that a military defeat can cause a great loss of power than American imperialism, which has suffered many defeats without being threatened, in particular in Korea or Vietnam and throughout Indochina.

This does not mean that the imperialist Russia-China bloc and their allies are pacifist or anti-war or less dangerous or less imperialist than the USA-Canada-Australia-Japan-Europe bloc. They don’t have the same assets, nor the same past, nor the same sources of supply, nor the same types of armies, etc.

Before going to the world war ! Gain time to bring people to heel by setting up authoritarian, dictatorial or fascist regimes !

Everyone that frontal confrontation with all the military means of each power put into play would mean a terrible setback for humanity, but great powers can confront each other more slowly, on a smaller scale, more locally, and in a slower way. than a simple sending of missiles carrying nuclear warheads against the big cities of the adversary. The imperialisms can perfectly choose to put the world at war and first practice a phoney war, allowing them to make their camp even more dictatorial.

Raise anti-Russian chauvinism ! All those who are against are enemies of the nation at war and of the pseudo camp of imperialist democracy !

In each country, anyone who did not support their war would be branded treason and treated as such. All countries would thus turn into dictatorships. We are already seeing this type of development taking shape, with attacks against people of Russian origin, in many professions in the arts, sports and entertainment, dismissed as the Russian conductor Valéry Gergiev of the Vienna Orchestra simply because they are Russians and have not made a public anti-Putin statement ! When a country is at war, a public man who does not show solidarity with this war is directly threatened...

When the Western powers attack all Russians, just because of their nationality, eliminate them from sports games, artistic participation, activities of all kinds, attack them as musicians, as restaurateurs, as intellectuals, as well as billionaires or generals, attack not dictators but a whole people, is it to demonstrate the democratic character of the Western world, or is it rather to stir up violent chauvinism, to unite all the Russians with Putin by forcing all Westerners to show solidarity with Biden ?

The decline of American capitalism and the struggle to maintain its political and economic domination !

Certainly, for years, American domination of the world was completely unchallenged. But this is no longer the case and there cannot be several centers of domination without these wanting confrontation, if only to measure who wins and decide. But this is far from being the only reason for the war.

The particular hostility of the United States towards Russia does not date from Biden, and not even from Putin. It has been a long time since American imperialism, more or less helped in this by the greatest European powers, has surrounded Russia with states which are violently hostile to it and violently pro-American like Poland.

It is obvious that in 2004 it was the whole Western world that pushed the Ukrainian people against Russia. It is thus remarkable that the latter found remarkable the mobilization of Maidan while he did not support any of the uprisings of the same type in the world. It is also remarkable that these were the only anti-democratic and reactionary forces that this so-called democratic world supported in the 2004 uprising in Kiev. In the name of Ukraine’s freedom, it was above all a question of forming a new nation of the anti-Russian sanitary cordon. And NATO hoped to make it adhere in turn to the anti-Russian alliance. It is this threat which, more than all the others, set fire to the powder. This means that the United States was perfectly in control of avoiding the conflagration and that it sought on the contrary to push it.

If part of the Ukrainian population thought that it had nothing to lose by going into confrontation with Russia, it was because it believed that Europe and the USA would intervene militarily and immediately in the event of a Russian military attack and, obviously, she was wrong. Western public opinion was similarly mistaken. However, the so-called “democratic” Western camp has refrained from explaining itself on this point and the commentators under orders have not asked the question. The armies of the Western camp intervene in part of Eastern Europe but not at all in Ukraine !

The people of Ukraine used as cannon fodder to force capitalist Europe to align itself with American interests !

The war in Europe has another advantage for American imperialism : that of obliging all the Western powers and in particular all those of Europe to align themselves strictly with American interests. The European rulers pretend to have wanted it of their own free will, but it is clear that they followed in a coerced and forced manner.

Another astonishment : Western forces have limited their military aid to Ukraine and provided none to the Ukrainian population. Arming the people has never been part of the habits and customs of capitalist rulers in any conflict, in any region of the world. They can supply arms to armed gangs but in a very limited way and to the population they don’t supply any at all. Remember that the Western alliance of the Second World War did not really want to arm the resistance in France or arm the maquis.

If the pretext of imperialist armed interventions is to help peoples, it never goes so far as to help these peoples to liberate themselves. Even worse, if it turns out that a people has a tendency to liberate itself from a dictator, like the Iraqi people against Saddam Hussein, then imperialism still saves the dictator against his people, even if it means doing a so-called war to overthrow him !

The adulterated pacifism of Western democracies prepares the Union Sacrée as in 14 for the War and makes it possible to silence all social and political disputes !

But, you will say, the Western powers are pacifists and do not want war. Yet it suffices to listen to Macron say that the war is going to spread to all of Europe and that it will last a long time to feel how satisfied he is to have a good pretext to announce to the French people difficult times and financial aid to the capitalists and how much he counts on the war saving him from all the social struggles, from all the struggles of yellow vests, from all the struggles of the anti-pass, from all the social revolt that is rising. And that’s not all, he expects the war to allow him to stifle all criticism, all freedom. Thus, one starts by asserting that whoever supports Putin becomes an enemy, then it is whoever does not declare to be against Putin. Besides,

Others may point out that Western powers are trying another weapon that can set Putin back : “economic warfare.” This is the term used (then withdrawn) by the French Minister of Economy Le Maire. This is also the reality of one of the US interventions with multiple measures blocking commercial, banking and financial relations. But it is difficult to pass off this economically aggressive intervention against Russia as a reaction to the Russian war since most of these measures were decided and implemented before the war in Ukraine. It is even these measures, decreed and maintained when Russia announced that it would stop its military maneuvers, which pushed Russia towards the radicalization of the confrontation since there was nothing more to lose. The blaster of war was therefore much more Biden than Putin. Even Macron, who calls himself a pacifist, first addressed the armed troops to tell them that they were going to be called upon in the context of the war against Russia, before addressing the population to tell them that he was not at war with Russia. A fine demonstration of hypocrisy and a return to “war lies” !

The economic war of the western imperialist camp to steal market share !

Economic war, presented as a peaceful weapon to stop war altogether, is in fact much more the goal than a simple "non-violent" means. Indeed, the Western powers consider that, if peace favors the Russia-China camp, they can make them retreat by war and in particular by economic war which can make them lose economically much more than militarily !

Yes, if in times of peace the Western camp loses market shares, in times of economic war, it is rather the Russia-China camp which loses some.

The third great global collapse of capitalism and the third great world class war against the peoples !

And it is indeed the economy that explains the war and not only by the competition between the two great world imperialist blocs. The capitalist economy has entered a critical phase, one where every economic or financial measure to help the system only makes it sink further, and in particular the massive financial interventions to "help the economy" which create a mass of capital " liquids" that ultimately suffocate the economy. Therefore, the economic war can be a means found to alleviate this situation, in particular to give new justifications to help the capitalists on the one hand, in particular by the revival of the production of weapons, and on the other by the sacrifices demanded from the population under the pretext of war to help an attacked people.

France and its Western allies are not the only ones to play the hypocrites. Currently, Russia and China pretend to be less close and to separately defend their interests, China also playing pacifists. In this camp too, the lie of war is king... The current decay of the capitalist system is in no way a product of the war in Ukraine. It did not wait for this to manifest itself and threaten the capitalist world. The fall threatens not only the Western bloc but the Russia-China bloc as well. Both have no solution in the face of the fall in profitable productive investments, a relative fall in relation to total capital and due to the fact that this total reaches heights that are far too great for the system to find outlets for them. If Chinese industry, for example, or Russian industry in some areas, have known successes, these are by no means sufficient to digest the mass of new accumulated capital. As a result, speculation is rife and central banks are spending colossal sums to buy back rotten securities,

Of course, the war, by pushing the production of weapons, by raising the price of raw materials, by justifying State aid to the capitalists, helps some of them but that cannot be enough to save the system. Chinese, Russian and Western capitalists know this. They all know very well that it is not the war in Ukraine that will determine when the whole capitalist world will prefer world war to armed peace. This moment will be determined by the existence of an absolutely inevitable fall and the war will break out a few days before...

World war is therefore as inevitable as the fall of capitalism and its date is determined by it. As long as it is not irresistible, as long as central banks can react financially to the economic downturn, as long as the liquidity crisis and the inflation crisis do not take a catastrophic turn, the war will remain suspended above of our heads without bursting, without the two blocks confronting each other directly and hypocrisy will remain in place. This is why the Western powers still refuse to intervene in Ukraine and their so-called solidarity with the Ukrainian people remains a so-called pacifism. They cannot explain themselves without revealing all of their calculations and their pessimism about the future of capitalism. The peoples remain ignorant of the issues and the prospects...

More than ever for the working people, the only future consists not in proclaiming "peace" or "wages" but in preparing for the heavy task of assuming the direction of human society, because capitalism has become a system of the past, even if he clings to power.

• Russian troops out of Ukraine !

• U.S. and Europe — hands off Ukraine !

• The people of the region have the right to determine their own future – free of outside forces of domination !

• Workers organize your class to kick out capitalists and their bloody world !

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